Science Links

A Review of Evolution and Belief by Robert Asher .

Who’s (Socially) Smarter: The Dog or the Wolf? .

Soda and illegal drugs cause similar damage to teeth: Acids erode enamel.

>How do plants grow toward the light? Scientists explain mechanism behind phototropism.

Ancient plants reawaken: Plants exposed by retreating glaciers regrowing after centuries entombed under ice</a>.

Psychotherapy’s benefits for depression .

Immigration status affects educational achievement .

Malaria protection in chimpanzees .

Novel disease in songbirds demonstrates evolution in the blink of an eye.

Scientists find possible solution to an ancient enigma .

Drowsiness detector wakes drivers if they start to doze – tech .

Today on New Scientist .

We’ve reached a troubling carbon dioxide milestone – opinion .

You’ll want a PC with Intel’s new chip for the battery life alone.

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